Widercat 92. Sustainability, cutting-edge lines and limitless enjoyment for Wider’s new catamaran.

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28 metres of innovative, spacious and green-conscious design. Inspired by a limitless philosophy, this is the first multihull in the history of the Marches-based shipyard.

Close your eyes, listen to the sound of the waves and allow your dreams to unfold. Widercat 92 will guide you along a new green route. Imagine cruising in total silence in the spaciousness, comfort and elegance of a catamaran that will take you far without leaving a trace in the environment. That definitely sounds like something never before seen in this segment… new levels of stability and comfort, cutting-edge lines and limitless enjoyment.

The remarkable continuity between the spaces means you won’t feel confined on-board. As you move from forward area to the beach area stern, you will feel the total freedom of movement and, when anchored in the roadstead, Widercat 92 will let you savour full contact with the water. This 100% Wider masterpiece with an Orange soul offers unbelievable hybrid propulsion performance that pushes the boundaries of progress.

Design e layout

WIDERCAT 92 is 28 m (92’) long and 12 m (39’ 4”) wide and, drawn by the hand of Luca Dini Design, was developed in partnership with Centro Stile Wider. The hulls are fully glazed from bow to stern and the superstructure features a distinctive angled element around the upper deck, alongside a line in the characteristic Wider Orange in the forward area.

The standard below deck layout provides two ultra-generous VIP cabins that uniquely offer two platforms opening directly onto the beach club, a testament to Wider’s indisputable know-how in terms of versatility and sea accessibility for every guest. In addition, there is an en-suite double Guest cabin. The lower deck also provides a generous and usable crew area at the bow that is very clever, considering that the boat falls in the up-to-24-metres category. Naturally, the shipyard gives owners the option of a 4-cabin layout lower-deck.

The main deck covers an area of more than 100 m 2 and nearly half of it is the master stateroom alone, with a breadth comparable to a wide body. Large windows, full contact with the sea, versatility and privacy are just a few of the main features. The cockpit is completely customisable to the owner’s preferences, with dinette, lounge chairs or free-standing furnishings. The aft main deck offers a stunning 360-degree view thanks to the uninterrupted windows and flush doors surrounding the guests. The internal stairway leading to the upper deck is imposing and graceful at the same time.

The Centro Stile Wider and Luca Dini Design harnessed their expertise in distribution and use of space from work on various-sized vessels not only for the exteriors but for the interiors as well.

The upper deck includes another forward cockpit that the owner is free to customize by incorporating a dinette/lounge and a Jacuzzi. The helm is also housed in the upper deck and, unlike other boats of equal length and category, leaves plenty of space for common areas while ensuring complete visibility. Guests can also enjoy an ample, almost full-width aft area that offers great versatility.

For the interiors, the Centro Stile Wider and Luca Dini Design chose light-toned finishes and materials and here, too, owners have the freedom to pick the furnishings and layout they want. Teak accents alternate with glossy ebony details to create an absolutely harmonious and elegant result.

Propulsion system, energy management and on-board technology

WIDERCAT 92 incorporates Wider’s serial hybrid system which, on a smaller scale and just as efficiently, builds on the shipyard’s extensive technical know-how in the Superyacht division. Only Permanent Magnet technology electric motors are connected to the thrusters, each providing 583kW maximum power, while energy is produced by two 390kW variable speed generators each one with twin FPT combustion engines (model N67 570 EVO).

Energy is stored in 30 LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) chemistry batteries managed by a state-of-the-art Battery Management System that constantly monitors operating parameters. This battery chemistry was chosen to prevent thermal runaway, given that the fire point of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries is much higher (about 300°C) than more conventional batteries, for example NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) batteries.

The entire propulsion system ensures a cruising speed of 12 knots, reaching 15 knots thanks to the Electric Boost. In saving cruising mode, the speed is 8 knots with a range of over 1600 nautical miles. And at 6-knot speed, it can reach up to 2,400 nautical miles thanks to the Wider Serial Hybrid System.

The catamaran also includes ZEM – Zero Emission Mode. Here, Wider technology lets you travel about 27 nautical miles at 6 knots in complete silence or provides 12-hour autonomy on battery power alone, without charge, when sitting at anchor. During bright, sunlit days, the 170 m 2 of solar panels installed on Widercat 92 will deliver energy self-sufficiency at anchor. That’s because any unused energy is stored in the batteries and used during the night.

Structurally, ultra-light materials like carbon were widely used for the hatches and superstructure. The hulls are made of vacuum-infused fibreglass.

WIDERCAT 92 has a 67 m 2 beach club that can be accessed directly from the VIP cabins, space for water toys in the bulwarks, and an 18 m 2 garage that opens with an electro-hydraulic system. The garage is closed at the stern, for safe cruising even in rough sea conditions. It easily accommodates a 5.5-metre tender or a 4.5-metre tender and a Jet Ski.

Passando agli ambienti interni, Wider ha scelto di installare a bordo un sistema di aria condizionata Moving on to the interior space, Wider chose to install a super-tropical 260,000 BTU air conditioning system and an air treatment unit, without installing portholes on the hull. This is a distinctive feature of big ships, showing the technological transfer from the Superyacht division, and delivers total silence.

The navigation technology consists of a Garmin system and a very intuitive energy flow management system created in partnership with NIDEC that can be managed through an in-house developed HMI interface featuring extremely impactful, gaming-derived graphics.

Working according to the plug and play standard, the audio-video system excels in user-friendliness. Owners, in fact, can use their personal smartphone to share content from any of the devices using the on-board QR codes. Party mode is also available, to stream music throughout the interior and exterior spaces of the multihull.

The first 5 Widercat 92 units are now under construction. Launching and delivery is scheduled to start in January 2023.