Serial hybrid technology

We were the first to introduce a serial hybrid technology in the leisure superyacht segment. Over the years, our proprietary technology has been redefining the standards of premium yachting.

The New Era
of Premiumness

There used to be a time when you had to choose between what’s good and what’s right. That time is gone. Today, Premium is experiencing full contact with the sea without leaving a trace of your passage.

Comfort intelligence

Zero Vibrations

By getting rid of fixed machinery, Wider hybrid technology erases the major cause of noise and vibrations, delivering a yachting experience of utmost comfort

Noise Reduction

Conventional yachts run at a fixed speed. A Wider yacht can reduce the revs according to the power requirements at the time, further increasing the comfort on board.

Optimised Space

The lack of mechanical connection between the engines and the propulsion units creates more room for livable ambiences and allows for a greater design flexibility.

Tailored Setup

A personalized power management strategy can be set up to suit the owner’s specific wishes, whether that be noise reduction, high performance or zero emissions.

Battery Pack: Real-time monitored performance.

The battery banks lie at the heart of the serial hybrid technology. A Battery Management System constantly monitors the temperature, current, charge level, voltage and other physical parameters. These smart boards communicate with each other so that they can balance the charge produced and therefore optimise performance. Wider use a safer chemistry (LiFePo) instead of a traditional lithium battery.


Minimum waste

The generators only work when necessary and at their lowest rate of power/consumption. If extra-energy is produced, it is directed to charge the battery banks.

ZEM Mode

As of today, Wider technology offers a cruising use in Zero Emissions Mode of up to 10 hours and the use of all the hotel and services systems for up to 30 hours.


By producing as much power as it is needed at any given time, engines are less stressed. As a result, maintenance intervals are longer than in traditional yachts.


The Power Management System automatically learns the habits of owner, guests and crew so as to provide the exact amount of energy needed at each time of the day.

Future-conscious. Future-ready.

Our technology is ecological, as it builds on a power management software package specifically developed for the marine environment.

Moreover, it is adaptive, as our Engineering department conceived it in such a way that it is able to embed further developments in the water motion field.

Prizes & Awards

We are not alone in believing in our projects, our ideas and our innovations. All our models, from the smallest, the WIDER 32 to our WIDER 165 superyacht have received many prizes and awards, both for their design and appearance and also, in particular, for their technological achievements, environmental sustainability and comfort.

In just a few years, we have garnered a long list of international awards: twice AIM Marine Group Editor’s Choice, one mention in the ADI Design Index, two RINA Comfort Class and two RINA Platinum Green Plus, two Best of the Best in Robb Report, one MYS-RINA award, as many as three World Superyachts and two Showboat Design Awards.

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