The future belongs
to the visionnaires.

At Wider Yachts, there’s a specific word we identify with: Vision. You can be the best at your job, you can be the most dedicated and passionate craftsman and the sharpest entrepreneur, but you won’t change anything if you don’t have a vision.


A goal and a principle.

We are fascinated by beauty as much as we are obsessed by details. But design, for us, is more than just aesthetics. It is the key to widening yachting possibilities, exploiting all the benefits of serial hybrid technology and shaping a more comfortable, more enlightened, on-board experience. This is why we have our own design center, Wider Centro Stile, where our talented designers strive to envision new ways to challenge conventions.

Serial hybrid technology

Technology with a soul.

We were heralded as the first yachting company to introduce electric technology into the industry. Our superyachts were the first in their category to combine an extraordinarily efficient hybrid system with azimuth thrusters. We’ve achieved a lot, but we stay committed to our goal: the creation of yachts that offer much more to their owners and their environments, in every single detail.


The pleasure of not having to choose.

As boat passionate prior than professionals, we are well accustomed to the fulfilling and empowering effect exerted on people by yachting. That’s why all our design and engineering efforts go towards reducing, or better to say abating, the impact of yachting on our planet. So that regardless of whether you are on cruise or at anchor, you will experience total peace of mind, and you won’t have to choose between what’s good and what’s right.


Architects of the future. Imaginative and solid. Disruptive in any approach, from design to engineering.