WiderCat 92

Let yourself be dazzled by the future.

Wider launches its
first WiLder 60,
stirring the wilder side
in us all

The future belongs
to the visionnaires

Wider 210

Sleek, sharp and built to impress.

Ideas change
Visions change


Our sun-powered, boundary-breaking, limitless-inspired catamarans reflect a yachting vision in which aesthetics and functionality, elegance and innovation coexist.

WiderCat 92

The Solar

Let yourself be dazzled by the future. WiderCat 92 breaks down technological boundaries and the barriers between outdoor and indoor spaces, reflecting a design concept where aesthetics, functionality, elegance and innovation coexist.

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We design and build superyachts that combine Wider hybrid technology – the first to be used in the leisure yachting field – with infinite space onboard. And unmistakable Italian artistry.

Moonflower 72

The blossoming masterpiece

The Moonflower 72 retains all the key features of modern yet timeless design, onboard liveability and maximum connection with the marine environment. A project in collaboration with Nauta Design, to be delivered in 2025.

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Wider 210

The sea at large

This 62m superyacht is the largest project within the Wider range, characterised by the sporty lines of its profile, highlighted by led stripes. Large in almost every way, except in its environmental impact.

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Wider 170

looks majestic

Bold on the outside, gentle within. The Wider 170 is a sleek, masculine 50-meter superyacht, fueled by our state-of-the-art and marine-friendly serial hybrid propulsion system.

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Wider 135

of two worlds

All the benefits of Wider serial hybrid system in a 41m all-aluminum, sleek and spacious vessel. Wider 135 seamlessly blends the spaciousness and comfort of a displacement yacht with the versatility of an open yacht.

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Wider 165

Wonderful pioneer

Taking up the legacy of her predecessor Wider 150, the multi-award-winning Wider 165 has taken the yachting experience to new levels of style, design and future-conscious performance, enhancing the on-board lifestyle beyond imagination.​

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Wider 150

Game-changing masterpiece

Wider 150 was the first superyacht out of the shipyard, officially presented in 2011 and launched in 2015.
A multi-award winner, greatly acclaimed by both marine experts and enthusiasts, Wider 150 was the first superyacht to ever incorporate serial hybrid propulsion with azimuthal thrusters in the whole nautical world.

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The Wild Side
of Luxury

Based on a Wider story.
A bespoke 40-knot platform for fun, WiLder 60 is a all-aluminum performance cruiser with the soul of a superyacht.

Our vision

Electrifying yachting

We believe in progress and in the revolutionary power of technology. We advance the electrification of the nautical world by designing and engineering future-conscious and future-ready catamarans and superyachts.

Serial Hybrid

Wider has always been committed to constant innovation in order to attain 100% electric propulsion. To us electrifying yachting is much more than a pay-off. It is the aim and the mission of the company.

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