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Wider launches its first WiLder 60, stirring the wilder side in us all

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  • The first WiLder 60 has launched at Wider Vision Hub in Fano, Italy
  • WiLder is the new brand of Wider, bringing custom superyacht-standard design and build to an 18.9-metre all-aluminium model with an incredible level of finishing
  • The shipyard, with this second launch in less than a month, confirms its path of growth

Like a debutante who steals the limelight at the season’s pinnacle party, so Wider’s debut of the stunning WiLder 60 has set the bar for 2024 with the launch of the first unit at the Wider Vision Hub, the brand’s new shipyard in Fano, Italy.

Delivering superyacht levels of custom finish and supermodel looks in a thrill-a-minute high-performance package, the WiLder 60 is the apogee of boating brilliance – a stunningly designed and realized hull married to exceptional exterior spaces and exquisite interior styling and finishing, conceived to appeal to the wilder side in us all.

With design coming from Wider Centro Stile, the in-house design team, the first WiLder 60 is a showcase in Wider’s commitment to excellence and the genius of its new WiLder brand.

“The launch of the first WiLder 60 in Fano is not just a milestone for Wider and for the WiLder brand, but also represents a leap forward in what a 60-footer can offer and how can be built,” says Marcello Maggi, at the helm of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company that owns 100% of Wider equity. “Everything about the WiLder 60 is extraordinary, from her 40knot performance to her totally custom layout and finish. This is superyacht-standard bespoke building but offered in an 18.9-metre all-aluminium model, with zero compromise on quality for zero-compromise owners. There’s simply nothing else like her.”

First among equals

The first WiLder 60 has been built for a European owner and her custom layout and finish has been completed to the owner’s exacting specifications. Coupled to the performance hull, which was developed by the naval architecture team at Wider Engineering, is an interior that features two twin guest suites amidships plus a forward owner’s cabin with inviting centreline double and starboard-side ensuite. Between the two is a saloon equipped with designer galley cabinet and a relaxation area with sofa and television.

Interior touches include luxurious leathers in contrasting shades of beige, marbles, brilliantly conceived lighting and beautiful gloss finishes that draw on Wider’s extensive experience building some of the world’s finest superyachts. The sumptuous and sensual textiles and textures hint at elegant debauchery – the very essence of the WiLder 60’s raison d’être.

Up top, the WiLder’s appeal to the wild side is clear –there’s a forward party deck, aft social deck with sunpads and alfresco dining area, and a central helm. From here, the owner will be able to fully enjoy the sparkling performance of the WiLder 60, propelled by twin MAN V8 1300 engines, achieving a cruising speed of 35 knots and a maximum speed of 40 knots. A 325-nautical-mile range ensures that no party is too far.

“The WiLder 60 is a seductress for those owners who want to experience the very best in everything – design, quality, and wild fun on the water,” says Marcello Maggi. “This is tailor-made taken to the next level in a model we think is transformative in its size bracket. The WiLder 60 was wild as a concept – the sort of challenge that Wider loves to embrace – but this first launch proves that we can build something beyond an owner’s wildest dreams, even at 19 metres.”

While the first WiLder 60 was launched at the Fano Vision Hub, where the testing of new models takes place, the WiLder series will be built at Wider’s Superyacht Hub in Venice, where two more bespoke WiLder 60s – each set to stun on their respective launches – are already in build.

The much-anticipated arrival of the first WiLder 60 also marks Wider’s second significant milestone in this 2024, following the launch of the WiderCat92, the brand’s first multihull. Both these striking additions to the Wider fleet are not only symbolic of engineering and design talent that lies within the company, but also of its path of growth from groundbreaking superyachts into all areas of the bespoke yacht market.

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