Wider announces partnership with Northrop & Johnson for two of its superyachts

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Wider has unveiled a partnership with Northrop & Johnson to sell two of its superyachts, a 170ft and a 210ft, that are part of the builder’s superyacht range.

Northrop & Johnson, specifically Joe Foggia as yacht broker, will have exclusive sales and management rights for the two models in North America. The partnership marks an alliance between one of the industry’s most innovative yacht builders with a world-class brokerage house.

“We look forward to working with Northrop & Johnson in North America,” said Marcello Maggi, who heads up W-Fin Sarl, the holding Company that owns 100% of Wider equity. “We have found that their unrivaled expertise in yacht sales and management, coupled with a deep reach both within the industry and with potential buyers, makes them an excellent match for the vision we have for our superyacht division. Northrop & Johnson’s network is unsurpassed in the industry, and a major reason why we decided to work so closely with them. Furthermore, this agreement mirrors the one that Wider recently entered into with MarineMax, though that partnership is focused on the builder’s catamaran division.”

Part of the vision Maggi mentioned includes Wider’s new facility in Venice, Italy, that is dedicated to the exclusive production of superyachts. That state-of-the-art yard is a hub for mega yachts production. All design and engineering for the yachts is also done in house thanks to the Centro Stile Wider and the engineering department.

The partnership with Northrop & Johnson is simply a new milestone in Wider: “It’s a match that will catapult Wider a step ahead in our ambitious plans” concludes Marcello Maggi.

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